Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend in Wilmington

Well friends, I am posting AGAIN. I know...two posts in ONE day! Can you believe it? So, my iphoto uploader on the good 'ol Apple Computer won't work so updating all my pictures to Facebook was no easy task. I did upload over 30 (5 at a time...took me forever). But, I didn't get to these. So, I thought I would post some on the blog first! I know, you're excited. So, here are some of my favorites from our long weekend to Wilmington a few weeks ago. The first few are from when we visited the aquarium. The rest are from the beach. Enjoy!

Alina is not so sure about that alligator.

but she thinks the Albino one is pretty silly looking.

Here are some turtles chilling on a log outside the aquarium.

Alina and Daddy.

Alina and Mommy...and Giant Frog.

I loved how inquisitive she was about everything!

Alina and Da-Da on the beach.

Her Auntie Karen made her this one-of-a-kind sand chair.

She went from "sand is scary" to "let's throw sand on Da-Da."

This may have been about the point where we were ready to go. Sand in eyes, naptime...

Thanks for letting us stay with you, Auntie Karen!!! We love you!

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