Friday, April 30, 2010

dun dun dun dun DONE...and other fun news!

So, my fellow blog readers....I thought I would tell you the best news this year is that JOSHUA IS FINISHED WITH HIS FIRST YEAR OF GRAD SCHOOL! Yippy skippy! He will still be working in the lab, but he won't be studying his brains out every night. Thank you, Lord! One year down, several to go...

In other news, many of you may have read on my Facebook page about Alina. She has been very congested here lately...allergies maybe? But it lead to some pretty scary croup this time. We ended up having to take her to the ER...and after many hours of waiting in the waiting room, they called us back. Alina was given a breathing treatment, and a HUGE steroid shot! Yowza. You should have seen the silent gawking taking place between Joshua and I when the nurse came in with that big shot. But, it was either that or give her oral steroids that she tried last time she was getting croup (and we caught it before it got too late in the evening)...which she threw up. (The oral stuff is NASTY!) So, she cried for a few seconds and then was walking around the room...happy. So, it was the right choice. She is still congested but no more croup for now!

Oh...yah...Alina is WALKING!!!!! YAHOOOOO!!!!! Here is a video clip if you'd like to see some of her skills. This was taken on my phone so the quality isn't outstanding but it will do for now...Enjoy!