Monday, November 3, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly comments

I have learned soooo much being preggo. I have learned what you should say and what you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman. I have also learned not to never gawk at a pregnant person. Oh my goodness...I walk into a store and it's like I no longer have a face. All eyes are on my belly. One woman was walking into Ingles, and was plenty far away...but felt like she was in my way I guess. She said "Oh excuse me." I told her she was fine. The guy with her said..."Whoah." Nice. I decided to make a list of comments I have received. Some are cute ones from some kids at school. The rest are from adults.

The cute kiddie comments:
1. "Are you pregnant?"-2nd grader last week
2. "Is it a boy or girl?"-little girl (maybe 5 yrs old)
"Girls are late, you know."-little girl
3. "I'm pregnant."-Me
"Are you MARRIED?!?!"-student
4. (Joshua drops off a water for me while I am in the classroom tutoring a student.)
"So do you know who that is?"-Me
"Your boyfriend?"-student

Adult comments: (Guess which ones made me smile and which ones made me cry.)
1. "When is your due date again? You look like you're about to explode!"
2. "How much longer do you have?" (I tell her 7 weeks.) "Are you sure there's just one in there?!?"
3. "You look so cute!"
4. "You look like you're six months pregnant." (Told to me today.)
5. "You don't look pregnant from the back."
6. "Does your belly button hurt?? Oh-I can't look at it."
7. "All pregnant women are beautiful!"

I will think of more, I am sure. I try to block out the mean comments...haha. I guess when you feel ugly, huge and are pumped full of hormones, some things hurt more than others. The important thing is that my daughter and I are healthy. I cannot wait to meet this precious little girl!! =) (We will see if she comes on or before Dec. 22nd.)