Thursday, October 18, 2007

If I had the guts...

So, if I had the guts, I would totally get a star tattoo and get my nose pierced.
Problems with this happening:

A. I am totally needle phobic, and must be laid down before a needle comes near me. (Smelling salts have been used, and they do work by the way....for like a week.)
B. I am afraid of piercing my face since I hate scars and I am afraid of getting one on my nose assuming that I eventually take it out. Will this happen?? I don't even know.
C. A goes with is still a needle-like object piercing my flesh. (Yikes! Scary!)
D. Telling my children one day not to get a piercing in a weird place or a tat...cuz that will go over well.
E. Imagining myself as a 75 year old with a wrinkly tattoo and nose piercing.

Okay, so Leah...I know you are reading this. You inspire me. I am an inch closer to getting my nose pierced, but you are way braver than me. Good job.

My hair

So I dyed my hair. I really wanted it to stand out, be noticeable. I don't think it stands out and is that noticeable but I can't decide if that is really a good thing or bad thing. On one hand, I doubt I need to touch it up anytime too soon since it blends well with my natural that is a money saver. But on the other hand, I wanted to make it totally more blah hair. Well no one really said anything today, which was totally fine...I didnt expect anyone to notice really and to be honest, I normally do not comment every time I see that someone else's hair looks different. But, I did think it was so funny how one of my students noticed it right away today when I came into his class. That brightened my day. =) (Check my quotes of the week).

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I love great deals!

So I thought maybe I should have a shopping section on here for all of you who love good deals. I myself love a great deal, and my mother thinks I find good ones, so I might as well write about them, right? So as some of you found out last week, Veritas has a HUGE flea market each year. People from the school bring in all of their stuff they don't want anymore, donate it to the school and the school sells it and raises money. Brilliant idea! (Whoever thought of it--good job.) So, this year I went of course, finding myself a few things. My favorite buy for myself was a pair of shoes (made in Germany--size 37). They are black strappy, open toed shoes that I think are cute...for a whopping $2. I made our friend, Leah go check it out since she is with child and needs child things. We went about an hour before it was over. The deals were amazing. By that time it was fill up a box for $2. Yessss! So we rummaged through what was left, found lots of childrens' books...and right before we left we found a wonderful baby chair/tray for eating. It was $5 reduced to $2. So we walked out with a chair and box full of stuff for a whopping $4. You can't beat that!

Bear sightings

So, Joshua and I have seen much wildlife since moving into our house last year. We have had turkeys, turtles, raccoon babies, a weird large bird, and groundhogs. But the most interesting creature we have seen would be the black bear. Last year, we had one visit us. He was a little older than a cub and destroyed my bird feeder. (Okay so it was really my mom's bird feeder she let me use...sorry, Mom!) This year as I was lazily lounging in my room, I noticed something black reflect in my dresser mirror. I got up and walked to the window and behold it was another bear. This guy or gal was larger than last year's visitor. He was a teenager/adult. He sniffed, saw us as we stared at him with our mouths gaping open, and moved along. He did a bit of yoga in my front yard, and then went on his merry way. If I see any more bears, I will let you know. If you come to my house, come on a Sunday afternoon. This is when they seem to enjoy coming.