Monday, July 21, 2008

A video worth watching

So as I was watching the tube tonight, it showed part of this video. I had to go to youtube and see it again. It is about a lion who was apart from his trainers for a year, and then they are reunited. Awww...

Counting my Blessings

Well, I have to thank the Lord that I have been blessed so much lately and continue to be blessed each day. Friends and family have started giving us baby stuff already and we are so very thankful! So far, the Lord has blessed us with some great used items - a baby gate, safety gadgets (such as doorknob covers), a baby monitor, a pack and play and an almost brand new item too - a car seat! I never expected to be blessed in this way, and I am ever so thankful to the Lord for these gifts so far. He knows how scared I have been about dropping down to one income after December since I have decided to stay home with the baby as long as I can...and this is like His little way of telling me we will be okay.

My parents saved ALL my baby stuff...and I mean really just about ALL my stuff. They saved my crib, blankets, clothes, toys, books and more. I wanted to go through these things with my mom so we could sort and decide what to keep and what not to keep. I was very excited about it! Well, some of these things have been stored at my parents' home and some of it has been in our basement. Well, as you know our house has been undergoing some reconstruction, and fixing up. Well, as it turns out we have had a slight leak in part of the basement..which is where these boxes were sitting. So, we started pulling the boxes out, many of which you could see mold before we even opened them. I was about to lose it. Thankfully, most of the things were still okay in the boxes. We sadly had to get rid of some stuffed animals, books. and some toys. (I hated throwing away books but thankfully again it was not a lot.) In a way it was a weird blessing because we got rid of a lot of my old stuff I had been saving for no good reason (non baby stuff) and threw it away too. Anyways, I HATE mold, and going through my old things was not as fun as I had hoped it would be, but I am thankful we were able to salvage as much as we could. I have to keep counting His blessings. Although, I still HATE mold and it is one of the most evil 4 letter words ever.

P.S. For those concerned..I did wear a mask and hardly touched a thing. The End.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Yard Sales, fun finds and belly touching

So, Saturday morning came and Joshua and I decided to go to some yard sales we had seen signs for near our house. This was a last minute decision since it was almost 11am when we decided I hurried to get ready and off we went. I found some preggy clothes...or some I could use as preggy clothes...and we found an infant car seat for $5. (Sadly to say we found out later the car seat is too old.) While we were at the house with the car seat, Joshua told the lady that we were looking for baby stuff, since we would need it soon. The lady was so sweet...she said "Oh I didn't even realize you were pregnant!" and she touched my belly. Hehe. Then she was very congratulatory. I got in the car and felt so good about looking small. I didn't even notice! I am not as big as I feel! Great! After this house, we kept driving where we saw signs...which took us to Cane Creek Community Center. There was a multi-family sale going on there so we thought we would check it out. We got there and there was a baby walker/toy outside. I was looking at it, while two older gentlemen were sitting outside in their overalls. One of them looked at me and said "You might be needin' that soon!" I isn't that funny that the woman I just talked to didn't even notice and this man could tell right away. My good feelings about being small quickly vanished. After we did this, we checked out the last few minutes of Smiley's...we decided next time we should go earlier. Not much good stuff left at 1:45pm. Anyways, we did go to Children's Trading Post in Arden. Now, I know most of you reading this may already know about this place, but I loved it! I found preggy clothes there...and they have a TON of baby/kid stuff which is all consignment. Well, that was our Saturday. I have decided I will keep yard is a good way to get things cheap!

P.S. If anyone has any preggy clothes you do not want anymore, or that you would like to remove from your closet for a season...please let me know. I would love to wear them for you! =)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The latest newz

Well, we are suddenly in the midst of a busy summer. I have tutoring, Joshua has science camp, soccer coming up..and of course, the never ending finishing up the house work. It is a bit overwhelming but we can manage!

I am thankful for feeling better...thank the Lord! We find out July 31st if the baby is a boy or a girl!!! I cannot believe that it is here already. It seems like only days ago that I stayed awake all night because I had just taken a preggy test and it was positive. Haha.

So, what do YOU think the baby is?? Boy or girl??

Oh and my child unfortunately has no name because name decisions are too difficult and stressful. So far, our baby has nice nicknames...Spawn (Joshua likes to call the baby his spawn), Bob, Euticus, and others...

Well, that is about all. I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Vacation

So, I know it has been a while since I blogged...well at least according to one of my three readers (Leah). So, here we go...

A few weeks ago, Josh had to go to a classical education conference in Charleston with his fellow teachers. So, we met up with Karen in Myrtle Beach and she took me to her house in Wilmington while he was there. Then when his conference was over, he came and met up with us. Anyways, the trip was fabulous! It was so laid back and relaxing. Karen took me to the beach and the water was AMAZING! I forgot how much I love the beach.

While we were there, the bebe and I had a growth spurt. I think my stomach grew in 3 days. When Josh met up with us that Saturday he was amazed at the change! It was wild. Anyways, here are a few of my favorite pics from the trip...