Friday, December 28, 2007


As some of you know, Christmas break is a great time to get things done after the wonderful day of the 25th has passed. So, Joshua and I have been getting to work on the house. We were given some used blow-in insulation since it was still good. We decided to put it in the attic yesterday. This may sound silly but I had no idea how messy that stuff is. It's only recycled paper...but oh my does it make a dusty mess! Here are some pictures of what we looked like after the project was completed. Let's just say this house has taken away any chance of me being called a "girly girl."

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Christmas photo

So we attempted to make the perfect family photo for this year's Christmas cards. We soon realized that trying to get a good picture of me, Josh, both dogs and the kitty was just going to be too difficult. Just when we thought we could do it, one of the dogs would lie down or the cat would jump off my lap or Joshua couldn't get in his seat at the right time before the timer on the camera went off....etc. Let's just say it was funny after a while. We finally decided to take a good one of the pets together, and use one of the both of us together seperately but on the same card...and we did. The End.

(Some of the trial pics are humorous so I will post some soon.)

Friday, December 7, 2007

The movie "August Rush"

I must admit that as of tonight, I have seen this movie twice in the theater. First, Josh and I went for the matinee showing before Thanksgiving, and LOVED it. Josh jokes that he even got teary eyed. (Maaaybe it's not such a joke?? Who knows.) But, it is the best movie we have seen in a long time. We told Leah and Andrew all about it, made them want to see it and saw it again tonight with them. I hate spending money on movies, especially at night but this movie is actually worth it. The music is incredible and the story is original and sweet. I must say that I would recommend this movie to you if you haven't seen it yet. I think I want the soundtrack now...

Monday, December 3, 2007

Meatball Sub anyone?

So last week...Friday of all of my students got upset with another one at lunch and threw her plate full of marinara sauce/meatball sub leftovers at him. Yes, this was a first for me. I think I can go a long time without having a meatball sub. The End.

New Teacher sets off fire drill

Today, around 10am, the fire alarm went off. So, the entire school heads out into the blistering, freezing WIND to find out it is not a drill. Either someone pulled the fire alarm or something really set off the alarm. Someone notices a window open in the upper school building. I look up and realize it is Joshua's room. Then I remember him telling me about some of the experiments they have been doing lately....I begin to wonder. Meanwhile, we are all standing outside freezing for 30 minutes. The administration was at an off campus meeting. Therefore, we are all left outside, waiting for someone who knows how to turn off the fire alarm to go ahead and do it. The fire trucks finally arrive, and we learn that it is safe to return inside. Amidst flying rumors, some involving students' coats on fire...I learned the truth. My hubby's class was in fact doing experiments. They were burning magnesium metal and oxygen. Well, two of the students happened to be directly underneath the smoke detector. So, this caused the fire alarm to go off. Now, it is really funny. It makes for a great story....right?