Thursday, October 18, 2007

If I had the guts...

So, if I had the guts, I would totally get a star tattoo and get my nose pierced.
Problems with this happening:

A. I am totally needle phobic, and must be laid down before a needle comes near me. (Smelling salts have been used, and they do work by the way....for like a week.)
B. I am afraid of piercing my face since I hate scars and I am afraid of getting one on my nose assuming that I eventually take it out. Will this happen?? I don't even know.
C. A goes with is still a needle-like object piercing my flesh. (Yikes! Scary!)
D. Telling my children one day not to get a piercing in a weird place or a tat...cuz that will go over well.
E. Imagining myself as a 75 year old with a wrinkly tattoo and nose piercing.

Okay, so Leah...I know you are reading this. You inspire me. I am an inch closer to getting my nose pierced, but you are way braver than me. Good job.

1 comment:

Leah said...

You should get one Missy. And as far as the kid thing, I think it is all in the motivation. Remember bible study?? We shouldn't make laws just to make laws. :) Ans as far as the scar, my grandmother had both sides of her nose pierced, and now just one and there is no scar (and Indian earings are MUCH bigger than American ones) and my great aunt had both sides too and now none and you can't tell. So, bring on the smelling salts and get it done!! :) Be cool like me. :-P