Sunday, October 7, 2007

I love great deals!

So I thought maybe I should have a shopping section on here for all of you who love good deals. I myself love a great deal, and my mother thinks I find good ones, so I might as well write about them, right? So as some of you found out last week, Veritas has a HUGE flea market each year. People from the school bring in all of their stuff they don't want anymore, donate it to the school and the school sells it and raises money. Brilliant idea! (Whoever thought of it--good job.) So, this year I went of course, finding myself a few things. My favorite buy for myself was a pair of shoes (made in Germany--size 37). They are black strappy, open toed shoes that I think are cute...for a whopping $2. I made our friend, Leah go check it out since she is with child and needs child things. We went about an hour before it was over. The deals were amazing. By that time it was fill up a box for $2. Yessss! So we rummaged through what was left, found lots of childrens' books...and right before we left we found a wonderful baby chair/tray for eating. It was $5 reduced to $2. So we walked out with a chair and box full of stuff for a whopping $4. You can't beat that!

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