Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Diaper Dilemma

I think it would be a wonderful thing to be able to use cloth diapers...especially with all the new ones out there! There are SO many websites, brands and types you can buy that it becomes overwhelming. They are becoming more popular, and with that comes competition! They range in price, dependant on the type of cloth diaper you buy, and can be expensive--but so are disposable diapers! I think in the long run, the cloth diaper route is less expensive, but more work. However, I would love to try using them! Of course, I am registering for both disposable and cloth because when they are newborns and go non-stop, I am probably going to be wanting those easy disposable diapers. Also, when they are older and on the run, those disposables will always come in handy! Anyways, if you have any thoughts or insights on different brands of cloth diapers, puh-lease let me know. I have a feeling that this may be a trial and error adventure for me, and I will find what works best for me and Baby Girl...but at the moment I am overwhelmed and tired of looking them all up online. Shoo!


Anonymous said...

I wanna see the progression of Missy pictures! It's only been since May since I've seen you, but I'm PRETTY sure you might have changed some. Let's see that tummy!!

Missy said...

You're so right! I have been awful at taking pics of myself! I should be doing that regularly..especially now that I am getting bigger. But, I will get a pic up soon...promise. It may have to wait til I feel better but I will do it for you, Sarah. =)