Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bear Sighting Number Four

So, we were driving back into our driveway last night (a little after dark)...we were in the truck and Joshua decided to pull all the way up the driveway so I wouldn't have to walk all the way up (what a sweetie!). Well, something was in the backyard and when the headlights hit it, we saw black bear number four! He looked right at us, and walked into the woods. We stayed in the truck for a few minutes, listening to where he was going...meanwhile, I have to use the restroom so badly (the baby likes to sit low). Finally, Joshua got the basement door open for me to get inside, but then he had to park his truck back down. He took a broom with him, parked the truck and dashed back up the driveway to "safety." It was quite a humorous sight. That was our excitement on a Sunday evening! Again, I have no picture but he was smaller than bear number 3 (if you are keeping track). Joshua called him "a junior in high school."

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Melanie said...

So Hilarious! I remember first moving to Asheville. A kid gave me a tardy note that's excuse said, "Bear in Yard." :)