Friday, June 20, 2008

Better to see you with, my dear.

So I went to the eye doctor the other day since I have not been in over a year, and have ran out of contacts. I decided to go somewhere new...the eye doctor in the mall...because I HATE having my eyes dilated and they can do this new thing so you don't have to do that. ANYWAYS, so the doc asked me if I had noticed a difference in my eyesight since I have been pregnant. I told him "Not really...maybe a little worse?? Not much difference." Wellll....after all the eye exams, he asked me what my current prescription was...which I am not about to share with you for fear you will make fun of me...and he was shocked. He said "Well, I am not putting you on that high of a prescription this time!" So I jokingly said..."Maybe the pregnancy is making my eyesight better!!" I do not understand it. Did my eyes improve??

I ran into Dawn Moore after my appointment...because if you have been keeping up with her blog, you know she is a mall walker now...and she told me her eyes changed differently for each pregnancy. Then I told my parents, and my dad informed me that I am the reason why my mom can no longer wear contacts. Strange, huh? Well, this baby must be helpin me out in the eye category. I pray that he/she gets Joshua's 20/20 vision!!!

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