Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baby Stone

So, I have been posting like a mad woman today. When I feel the urge to blog, I better go ahead and do it! So, I took pictures of the sonogram picture taken about a month ago of Baby Stone! So, remember this was the baby at 8 weeks and one day old. Now the baby is 12 weeks and 3 days old. I have told friends that even if you were against abortion, and even a pro-life enthusiast before pregnancy, this experience makes you a pro-life fenatic!! I couldn't believe that at 8 weeks I could see a head, fingers, little feet and a heart beat. It is AMAZING! I hope you can figure out the picture. The black oasis is the uterus...and he is head up, kind of rocked forward. I just said he...we don't know the gender yet...I just have a funny feeling it is a boy. But, I am happy with whichever it ends up being! He/She is due around December 20th! (Our Christmas present!)


The Moores said...

December 20 is Anna's birthday!

Missy said...

Really?? Well, Anna can hope this baby joins her special day! =)