Friday, March 28, 2008

It's a dog park here!!

So, we got to Karen's house (in Wilmington) yesterday around dinner time. We have had a great time soo far! There are 5...yes, 5 dogs in her house right now. Karen has two border collies, her roomie has a yellow lab...and we brought our 2 dogs along as well. It looks like a dog park here but they all get along and it has actually been great! This morning we took 4 of them out to a part of her neighborhood that has nothing but land, and ponds...and lots of mud puddles. So, the dogs got to play fetch and yes, get in the water all morning. I wish I had my camera when Jack layed down in every single mud puddle he found. He was absolutely filthy...looked like a drowned rat. At one point Jack jumped off of a cement water pipe and into a creek-like area. Karen said it was like he was jumping off of a diving board. I was too far behind them and missed it. When we got to the pond, Jack was not so ready to go in...he doesn't like the deeper water. However, our eleven year old dog, Maggie was all about swimming in the pond. Needless to say, I am sad I did not get any pictures but they all had a blast and got very, very wet...and dirty!!! But, it's vacation, right?

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