Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When bad weeks get worse...

It is only Tuesday, right?  And it feels like FRIDAY...I wish it was Friday since this is a no good very bad week.  So my week began badly...and I won't go into detail about that.  Then, yesterday was okay I guess.  Then today was BAD.  I had to go to PE class (with middle schoolers!!!), deal with bad attitudes, and wear panty hose and a skirt while doing it.  Then, I came home to a notice from the sherriff on my garage door...telling Mr. Ronald S. Tyrrell to come to court!  This is the second notice I have gotten for this man.  As far as we know, there has never been a Ronald Tyrrell living at this address, and I have already notified the sherriff's office once letting them know this important fact.  So, I get the notice, dial the number and start rattling off that I got this notice to come to court, I am not Ronald and he does not live at this address and I have already told them this....I get a "Well, he doesn't live here either!  You have the wrong number."  WHOOPS.  I sooo wish I could check my home phone for the number I dialed cuz I really thought I dialed it right.  Well the list of bad things continues but I won't bore you.  Let's just say I hope this week gets better or I am moving to Idaho!!!  

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