Friday, November 30, 2007

So the students have had a HORRID day which has made my day not so great as well. However, there have been some people to make this day brighter for me so I wanted to share it. My wonderful husband brought me my favorite holiday drink from Starbuck's...decaf chocolate peppermint mocha with soy in case you were wondering...and bought me my favorite kind of chapstick. In case you do not know, I HAVE to have chapstick on my person at all times and today I did not. So, he used his valued free period to go to Ingles since we had no lunch food and bought these extras just because he is that wonderful. That made me happy.

Then, there is another cutie pie who brightens up my day. He is a second grader who comes for tutoring. Today, it was noisy in our classroom due to chapel music going on in the next room. He told me he was "vewy distwacted." So, he grabs two tissues, puts them in his ears and says "Okay, now I am weady." I wish I had a picture.

It is nice that even on bad days, there are people there to make it brighter. Thank the Lord!

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