Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Heart Children's Books

Well, as some of you know and some of you may not know, I LOVE children's books!!! I took a children's literature class in college, and our professor would read children's books to us in class, give recommendations, etc. It was fabulous! So, my love for kiddie books grew. Now my wonderful friend, Leah is having a baby soon so my children's book fetish has finally come in handy. So, she recommended that I create a list of kiddie books I would recommend. If you would like to see it, scroll down. It is down there. I have not listed ALL the books I enjoy because that would take me a long time, it would be lengthy and then I would not have more to post. But--please give me more recommendations. Obviously, I do not know of all the fantastic new books out there and I know there are oldies I may not know about so tell me what you like!

If you go to Barnes and Noble, go to the back...I am with the kids, reading. The End.

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Rachel said...

okay first things first. are you sure you want "love you forever" on the top of the list?... we don't heart that one! totally codependent mama there.

love the rest of your bks... here are some more of our favs...

anything by sandra boynton, big red barn and goodnight moon by margaret wise brown, goodnight me and goodnight you by tony mitton, the kids' poetry bk edited by Caroline kennedy (can't remember the title), anything by dr seuss- esp oh the places you'll go and abc bk and one fish two fish,and green eggs and ham, chugga chugga chew chew and all things by daniel kirk, most things by eric carle- esp the brown bear brown bear/polar bear/baby bear series, i'll come back when i think of more! i've reviewed a few on my blog in the past, and i have a link "preschool at home" blog that has lots of reviews every wk. glad you're a fellow kids' bk luva! happy post tgiving!