Monday, January 31, 2011

Subs for Spices and Herbs

So, you find this great recipe and you start getting all of the ingredients together. Then you realize...aww crud...I don't have any more Oregano! And some spices are expensive, if you ask me. So, I have found this spice substitution chart most handy at times like these. This may be OLD NEWS to a lot of you awesome veteran cooks out there, but if you just started cooking a few years ago or are getting into it lately, this may help. You can copy/paste this into your browser and it should work...because I do not know how to link things yet. Sorry.

Spice Substitutions:

Herb Substitutions:

Here is a larger chart with more items on it. Yay! Enjoy the name of the site. (Sorry to whom it may offend) :

You can also go to and ask.

Happy Spice and Herb Substituting!

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