Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, sleep. It is something I would love more of. It is something I don't get enough of. It is something that is needed for good health...mind and body. I LOVE it. Now, of course once you have a child, you get used to the fact that you will never ever sleep in until 9am again...oh who am I will never sleep in until 8am again. For us, if we get to stay in bed until 7:30am, we are THRILLED! So, you either go to bed earlier in the evening to compensate, or you stay up until 9 or 10pm, watch the good TV shows, then go to bed, and are just tired 24/7 (a.k.a. what we do).

Anyways, once every few months, my body decides to shut down in the sleep department. I will never forget one year while I was working full time, (this was pre-child)...I couldn't sleep hardly at all for about 2 weeks. It was the worst 2 weeks EVER! I remember moving from room to room in the house at night since moving locations is supposed to help...I set up a bedtime routine...also supposed to help...I drank Sleepytime tea...all those things...but still cried every night, wishing I could sleep. I finally went to the doc and she put me on something to help me get back in the sleep mode. Sleep is if you are NOT sleeping, this can form a new ugly habit. It worked and I quit taking the medicine (thankfully it was not habit-forming).

Well, like I said...every few months or so this problem creeps up on me. It is weird, because sometimes Simply Sleep tablets work, sometimes they don't....sometimes vitamins work, sometimes they don't. Well, since Christmas break ended, I am back on the "difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep" train. It is probably due to the change in schedule. Haha. Anyways, the other night, or should I say MORNING since it was 2am, I was desperate and took Nyquil since that was all I had left (note to not take Nyquil at 2am if you have to teach children the next day). I was still "asleep" at noon. So, yesterday I went back to the Vitamin Shoppe. A guy there told me to use this "Advanced Sleep Formula." It's got Melatonin, Hops, Passion flower, Valerian root, and some other vitamins in it. I know Valerian Root works pretty well, so we shall see how this works. The nice thing about the Vitamin Shoppe, is that if it doesn't work, you can take it back and exchange it for something else within 30 days. :o)

Anyone else have a love-hate relationship with sleep? Have any tips? Sorry for rambling...but really...I am just tired....and non-sleepers are NOT supposed to nap during the day! So, I blogged instead.

Happy Snoozing!


Amanda Williams said...

When he has trouble sleeping, Eric takes melatonin, but he doesn't do it properly. You should view it as a supplement or vitamin and take it every day so that it will help you sleep better each night. It doesn't really help if you only take it when you can't sleep. Does that make sense? So it sounds like you got something good to try at the Vitamin Shoppe! Good luck, I know that's so frustrating!

Missy said...

Thanks, Amanda! I never think of taking something like Melatonin as a supplement. I do think of it as a "when I need it" sort of thing. So, thanks for pointing that're so right! Last night, my body was so tired from not sleeping that I slept decently...not great but better! And the stuff I got did put me to sleep..but didn't keep me asleep. But I only have tried it once! So, we shall see...