Thursday, November 5, 2009


So, in case you are WAY behind, we moved to Greenville. Josh is going to be Dr. Stone in 4-5 years, and we are excited about this new journey! Our baby girl is growing up...and becoming more and more like Daddy. She points to EVERYTHING and asks "Dat? dat?" So, we are in the stage of telling her what everything is....and you should hear her try to say "button" and "zipper"...sooo cute. (Note..I said 'try'.) Well, we are renting a little patio home, surrounded by neighbors who leave their dogs outside all day to bark at everyone...kind of annoying when you have a child that takes 2 naps per day. Anyways, we have been here for several months now and so to sum up our entire time here would take pages. But, I can tell you that the Lord is blessing us...even when I become extremely lonely staying at home and knowing hardly anyone...He is giving us friends..and I am SO grateful.

(Our church had a fall festival, and my baby was a duck!! My favorite picture of her in her costume is up cutie pie!!! We LOVE her!!!)

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SarahKL said...

Hey Missy! Will you email me ( your new address! Thanks!!