Thursday, July 16, 2009

The latest on our little Bug

Okay, so seriously....I MUST start doing better at the blogging. I guess now that we will be moving away, I will have to get better at it and keep you updated on our little munchkin. It may be hard to believe but Alina will be 7 months old next week. I cannot believe how time has FLOWN! Her newest thing is bouncing. I realized last week that when I say "Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy" she starts bouncing and smiling. It is amazing what babies can learn at such a young age!!! She smiles at everyone too, by tilting her head over and grinning. She has realized I guess that when we look at her, we tilt our she does it to get a laugh.

One last thing...too cute not to share...

We were eating with my parents the other night, and since it was my mom's b-day coming up, I wanted to ask my dad if my gift idea was good or not. So, my dad came and sat beside me and we both leaned in to whisper. My dad suddenly noticed that someone else was also leaning in, head tilted...smiling. Haha. Alina wanted to know the secret too, I guess. We are so thankful for her!
The picture above was her first EVER enjoyable bath experience. The screaming has stopped. The trick is...bathe her in the sink. She loves baths now!!

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Anonymous said...

MISSY!! I am so excited to get to see you guys soon!!

I have un-fun news - Jason must not have told Josh what all we needed for measurements, so if there's anyway he can go to a men's clothing store in the next day or so and get these things:
coat size (numerical), sleeve length (~32-36), waist, outseam, neck, and shoe size. Sorry for all the hassle!!!