Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The latest on our little "bug"..and me

Well, we call Alina.."Alina Bug" when I say "bug", I am talking about her. I don't know how the nickname started..I just started calling her that one day and now Joshua and I and grandparents even are calling her that now. haha. Anyways...the latest on Alina Bug...

>She is WIGGLY!
>She is chatting MORE. Her favorite phrase is "Ahhh GEEE." Although if you have watched my facebook video, you also know that she says "hi"..but it is rare..I can't believe I got it on tape!
>She is chewing on EVERYTHING! She is also quite drooly. Haha. We thought she was teething but the pediatrician doesn't think she is...we'll see...
>She did a real person LAUGH about 2 weeks ago. Grandaddy Stone apparently has the magic in this department because I can get her close...she will be smiling huge, and even chuckle..but nothing compared to the major laughing taking place with her Grandaddy. Joshua says it was bc of his facial hair and funny hat...
>She gave me my first kiss last week. Shoo-eee was it wet! Haha. She planted an open mouth on my cheek and started licking me. It was too cute! She smiled and thought it was funny.
>I called the on-call nurse bc she had a screaming fit yesterday and I was worried. (When I say screaming fit, I mean screaming ALL DAY LONG!) The nurse told me to take her to the ER. This of course, made me extremely nervous! Thankfully she finally calmed down and went to sleep. So, I took her to the walk-in clinic at my pediatrician's office this morning and he thinks she has a little tummy bug that will "run it's course"..he said "no pun intended." hehe. I was relieved it was nothing serious..poor baby! (Also glad we didn't go to the ER..that would have been a fun expense for them to tell me she had a tummy bug.)
>She still has acid reflux but it is being managed by the wonderful medicine she takes. Thank the Lord for medicine! Now she can be her happy self!!

New stuff about me...
>I just signed up to sell Usborne Books! (Thanks, Leah!) I am excited about doing this. I love books and I can't wait to share them with other people.
>I get to see some college girlfriends this coming weekend for a baby shower...can't wait!
>I still have weight to lose and have put off doing crunches and sit-ups but the time has come...
>I am loving being a is the most rewarding..and most challenging job I have ever had.

That's it in a nutshell.

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