Friday, January 25, 2008

Embarrassing moment #1 million....

So, here's the latest embarrassing story of my life.  One of my friends from Facebook sent me an invite to look at a video, which of course I could not see unless I put "FunWall" on my page.  So, I tried to do asked me if I wanted to send a card to a lot of people on my friend list.  I pressed "Skip" since I did not want to do that.  Well, my computer was never going to let me see the video so I hit the back space, wanting to go back to the original message.  I finally gave up on it.  Well, lo and behold I find out today that I sent out a card to a TON of people on Facebook (30+)! Some of these people are people I have not spoken to since middle school, some are people I go to church with, one of them is my boss, one of them is my friend's get the picture.  Anyways, I had no idea what the card was, since I had not sent one (to my knowledge).  I get a message from one of my married friends...he writes "interesting card.."  Then I knew...this is not good.  So I went to my BOSS' page...and on her page is a cute little card from we go...

It has two puppies, sitting side by side and it says,
"I'm exstatic to have you by my side."

Oh yes, this went out to many, many people...many, many people...males and females....  Let's just say at that point, I had to send a message to everyone who got this card and tell them what happened.  Now, all I can do is laugh it off.  If you are one of the lucky ones who got this card, I hope you liked it.  (Leah--I know you're one of them!)

The End.


lisa said...
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lisa said...

So I just realized that you posted a comment on my blog... 3 months ago... whoops! i am a terrible cousin, and let me tell you i was kind of disapointed to see that no one had commented on any of my pictures or ramblings, and truth be told they had! Chalk that up for a huge blonde moment. And whatever about your blog not being as interesting as mine, that story about the ecard was hilarious!
I hope you're doing well, i missed you at Christmas, and hopefully unlike me you will see this before march. oh and your parents were going to send me their email address, and they haven't yet, could you remind them for me : )

and sorry i deleted the last comment bc it had a gramatical error, and i didn't know that it would tell you i "removed" it.