Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Denim Jumper

I said I never would.
I said others can do it, but I really don't think I can.
I tried to fight it.
I tried to seek other avenues.
I tried to get out of it.
The "H" word has found me.  The Lord has called me.  And I must move forward, seeking grace, patience, love, perseverance, joy, and all that comes with homeschooling.  Yes, you read that right.  Homeschooooooling. 
Get out the denim jumper!  I am ready!  Well, not quite ready...but committed. 
To kindergarten
I REALLY didn't want to do this, Lord.  WHY do you want me to do this??  Not every parent is called to do this!  Why do you want me to do it? 
Guess what? 
I may never know the answer to these questions.  At least not right away.  But I do know I have been called.  And when the Lord made it ever so clear to me that I needed to do this next year, tears of pure joy and thankfulness overtook me.  God had answered my prayer.  I think I was more emotional because of His clear answer than the actual decision.  The fact that I had been praying, seeking and asking Him what on earth to do with my daughter for school next year...and He answered me.  He cares about my precious little girl.  He cares about my wandering, question-filled heart. 
And He answered me.  I am so grateful.
All parents know exactly what I am talking about.  Wondering what to do about schooling....public school, private school, Christian school, homeschool?  PRAY.  And take it year by year.  Do not look at it as a 12 year commitment right off the bat.  For me, that is way too overwhelming.  Just pray that God will show you where He wants your baby...next year...and He will.  Promise. 

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Deidre said...

Missy, you are going to be a fantastic homeschooling mom!!! :) you've got the touch and the skill...remember the Lord will work wonders if we just let him. :) praying all goes well!