Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Potty Training Blues

Soooooo, we started potty training. (DUN DUN DUN!) Yes, the rest of this post is about using the if this is TMI for you, just skip this one. I'll put up a recipe again soon and you can come back and check on that post. Haha.

I have heard from many a wise parent not to push your child into potty training, but to let it come when they are ready and interested (to avoid potty hatred). We have had a little pink princess potty (that plays music when you go) since Alina first showed some interest-when she was 18 months old. Then the glory of using the potty faded, and we didn't do much with the singing potty for a while.

Well, Alina is one of the youngest kiddos in her class at school, so many of her friends are using the potty now. So, she decided to go at school, and then wanted to go at home! So, I thought....if we are doing this, we are doing this for real this time. In the first few days, she was peeing every time we put her on the potty, and on the first or second day we got some number 2 in there, too! I was THRILLED! I was thinking....oh my word, this is the easiest and best thing ever!

Two weeks later we have a child who poops on the floor. Oh yes. This is a process. All my joy about this taking no time at all has vanished, and reality has set in. Unless you are home 24/7 for days on end, there is no way to do this quickly. So, I have to just be okay with it taking a while I guess. She is still peeing in the potty about every time she sits on it, though....and going in her diaper, too...but we are getting results so now we must power through! More mini M&M's (or "baby M&M's" as Alina calls them), more dancing and clapping when we see a drop of pee in the potty. Ugh. Wishing children came out potty trained. Maybe my next child....

I can hear you laughing. *flush*


Alex and Laura said...

We just started the potty training process. Alyssa is in love with her new potty but i am afraid the excitement will fade. We have achieved no 1 and no 2 in the potty but I think it is due to the fact that she thinks it is a reading chair and will sit there for a half hour haha! Any good tips momma to momma?

Missy said...

Hey, Laura! Well, I have no fabulous tips right now. I am getting bummed about this potty training process. I did ask her teacher at school who told me when they are dry through the night, they are probably ready. Also, to either put panties on them at home, and let them have some accidents so they can learn the feeling of "urgency" or to let them be naked, and put the potty in the room (closing the other rooms off) so that when they have to go, they have to go in the potty. Mine goes on the floor and stuff when we do this. Ugh. She is motivated sometimes with stickers or M&M's. But, I think I may really try harder this summer when I have off work and can work with her 24/7. Let me know if you find a great solution!!!